Processed files

Definitions, record layouts and data dictionaries for the processed data files released by the California Civic Data Coalition. Recommended for beginners and regular use.

Flat files

Simple, all-in-one files for those who want to skip the SQL join queries.

Name Description
Ballot measures Every ballot measure.
Candidates Every candidate for a public office.
Recall measures Every recall measure.

Relational files

Our full set of processed data in Open Civic Data format and ready to load into any database manager.

Name Description
BallotMeasureContest A contest in which voters select from among options proposed in a ballot measure.
BallotMeasureContestIdentifier Upstream identifiers of a BallotMeasureContest.
BallotMeasureContestOption An option voters may choose in a BallotMeasureContest.
BallotMeasureContestSource Source used in assembling a BallotMeasureContest.
Candidacy A person seeking election to hold a specific public office for a term.
CandidacySource Source used in assembling a Candidacy.
CandidateContest A contest among candidates seeking election to one or more public offices.
CandidateContestPost A public office (i.e., Post) at stake in a CandidateContest.
CandidateContestSource Source used in assembling a CandidateContest.
Division A political geography, which may have multiple boundaries over its lifetime.
Election A collection of political contests set to be decided on the same date within a Division.
ElectionIdentifier Upstream identifiers of a Election.
ElectionSource Source used in assembling a Election.
Jurisdiction A Jurisdiction represents a logical unit of governance.
Membership A relationship between a Person and an Organization, possibly including a Post.
Organization A group of people, typically in a legislative or rule-making context.
OrganizationIdentifier Upstream identifiers of an Organization.
OrganizationName Alternate or former name for an Organization.
Person An individual that has served in a political office.
PersonIdentifier Upstream identifier for a Person.
PersonName Alternate or former name of a Person.
Post A position in an organization that exists independently of the person holding it.
RetentionContest A contest where voters vote to retain or recall a current office holder.
RetentionContestIdentifier Upstream identifiers of a RetentionContest.
RetentionContestOption An option voters may choose in a RetentionContest.
RetentionContestSource Source used in assembling a RetentionContest.