Every version of each Form 501 (Candidate Intention Statement) filing by candidates.


Information about the 30 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

accepted_limit   Boolean (Either True or False)

Indicates if either the "I accept the voluntary expenditure ceiling" or "I do not accept the voluntary expenditure" box is checked (from F501_502_CD.ACCEPT_LIMIT_YN)

agency   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Name of the agency with the office sought (from F501_502_CD.AGENCY_NAM)

amend_id   Integer

Identifies the version of the Form 501 filing, with 0 representing the initial filing (from F501_502_CD.FILING_ID)

city   String (up to %(max_length)s)

City of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_CITY)

committee_id   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Candidate's committee's unique filer idenitifier (from F501_502_CD.COMMITTEE_ID)

date_filed   Date (without time)

Date when the Form 501 filing was filed (from F501_502_CD.RPT_DATE)

district   Integer

District of office sought, if applicable (from LOOKUP_CODES_CD.CODE_DESC, unless NULL or 0, then F501_502_CD.DIST_NO)

election_type   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Type of election in which the candidate is declaring intention to run, e.g. "PRIMARY", "GENERAL" (from LOOKUP_CODES_CD.CODE_DESC)

election_year   Integer

Year in which the election is held (from F501_502_CD.YR_OF_ELEC)

email   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Email address of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_EMAIL)

executed_on   Date (without time)

Date on which the candidate intention statement was signed (from F501_502_CD.EXECUTE_DT)

fax   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Phone number of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_FAX)

filer_id   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Filer's unique identifier (from F501_502_CD.FILER_ID)

filing   Foreign Key (type determined by related field)

Unique identification number for the Form 501 filing (from F501_502_CD.FILING_ID)

first_name   String (up to %(max_length)s)

First name of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_NAMF)

id   Integer

jurisdiction   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Jurisdiction of the office sought, e.g., "LOCAL", "STATE" (from LOOKUP_CODES_CD.CODE_DESC)

last_name   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Last name of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_NAML)

limit_not_exceeded_election_date   Date (without time)

Date of the primary or special election in which the candidate did not accept the voluntary expenditure ceiling but also did exceed the ceiling. Candidates may amend their Form 501 to accept the limits for the general election or special election runoff and receive all the benefits of accepting the ceiling (from F501_502_CD.DID_EXCEED_DT)

middle_name   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Middle name of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_NAMM)

name_moniker   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Moniker (aka, nickname) of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.MONIKER)

name_suffix   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Name suffix of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_NAMS)

office   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Position title of the office sought by the candidate (from LOOKUP_CODES_CD.CODE_DESC, unless NULL or 0, then F501_502_CD.OFFICE_DSCR)

party   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Political party of the candidate (from LOOKUP_CODES_CD.CODE_DESC, unless NULL or 0, then F501_502_CD.PARTY)

personal_funds_contrib_date   Date (without time)

Date on which the candidate contributed personal funds in excess of the voluntary expenditure ceiling for the (from F501_502_CD.CNTRB_PRSNL_FNDS_DT)

phone   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Phone number of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_PHON)

state   String (up to %(max_length)s)

State of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_ST)

statement_type   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Describes the type of statement, e.g. "ORIGINAL", "AMENDMENT" (from LOOKUP_CODES.CODE_DESC)

title   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Name title of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_NAMT)

zip_code   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Zip code (usually zip5, sometimes zip9) of the candidate (from F501_502_CD.CAND_ZIP4)