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The most recent release of CAL-ACCESS, the government database that tracks campaign finance and lobbying activity in California politics. It was published by state officials on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 at 11:20 a.m. Past releases »

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The complete package of 80 database tables released by California's Secretary of State, which we have cleaned up and converted into flat files with 43.4 million rows of comma-separated values*.

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Simplified files that reshape the source data so it's easy to understand and analyze. Learn more »

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Our cleaned-up version of each of the 80 CAL-ACCESS database tables released by state officials, grouped by type.


The raw data provided by the state contains errors in how some values are escaped, quoted and delimited. The result is a small number of records lost when we prepare files for download.

However, those 1,413 lost records represent only 0.00325% of the source data.

Error logs are included in the full archive download above. You can also download individual logs below.