A Jurisdiction represents a logical unit of governance.


Information about the 10 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

classification   String (up to %(max_length)s)

The type of Jurisdiction being defined.

Code Definition
government Government
legislature Legislature
executive Executive
school School System
park Park District
sewer Sewer District
forest Forest Preserve District
transit_authority Transit Authority

created_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of creation.

division   Foreign Key (type determined by related field)

A link to a Division related to this Jurisdiction.

extras   A JSON object

A key-value store for storing arbitrary information not covered elsewhere.

feature_flags   Array of Text

A list of features that are present for data in this jurisdiction.

id   String (up to %(max_length)s)

locked_fields   Array of Text

name   String (up to %(max_length)s)

The common name of the Jurisdiction, such as 'Wyoming.'

updated_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of the last update.

url   URL

The primary website of the Jurisdiction.