The summary data included with each version of a Schedule E attachment to a Form 460 filing.


Information about the 6 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

filing_version   Foreign Key (type determined by related field)

Foreign key referring to the version of the Form 460 that includes the summary

id   Integer

interest_paid   Floating point number

Total interest paid this period on loans. (Enter amount from Schedule B, Part 1, Column (e).)

itemized_expenditures   Floating point number

Payments made this period of $100 or more. (Include all Schedule E subtotals.)

total_expenditures   Floating point number

Total payments made this period. (Add lines 1, 2, and 3. Enter here and on the Summary Page, Column A, Line 6.)

unitemized_expenditures   Floating point number

Unitemized payments made this period of under $100.