A position in an organization that exists independently of the person holding it.

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A few sample rows.


Information about the 12 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

created_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of creation.

division_id   String (up to 300)

The Division where the post exists.

end_date   String (up to 10)

An optional end date for the Post in YYYY[-MM[-DD]] string format.

extras   A JSON object

A key-value store for storing arbitrary information not covered elsewhere.

id   String (up to 45)

label   String (up to 300)

A label describing the Post.

locked_fields   Array of Text

maximum_memberships   Positive integer

The maximum number of people who can hold this Post.

organization_id   String (up to 53)

The Organization in which the post is held.

role   String (up to 300)

The function that the holder of the post fulfills.

start_date   String (up to 10)

An optional start date for the Post in YYYY[-MM[-DD]] string format.

updated_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of the last update.


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