A collection of political contests set to be decided on the same date within a Division.


Information about the 9 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

administrative_organization_id   String (up to 53)

Reference to the Organization that administers the election.

created_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of creation.

date   Date (without time)

Final or only date when eligible voters may cast their ballots in the Election. Typically this is also the same date when results of the election's contests are first publicly reported.

division_id   String (up to 300)

Reference to the Division that defines the broadest political geography of any contest to be decided by the election.

extras   A JSON object

A key-value store for storing arbitrary information not covered elsewhere.

id   String (up to 49)

Open Civic Data-style id in the format ``ocd-election/{{uuid}}``.

locked_fields   Array of Text

name   String (up to 300)

Name of the Election.

updated_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of the last update.