A contest among candidates seeking election to one or more public offices.


Information about the 12 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

created_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of creation.

division_id   String (up to 300)

Reference to the Division that defines the political geography of the contest, e.g., a specific Congressional or State Senate district. Should be a subdivision of the Division referenced by the contest's Election.

election_id   String (up to 49)

Reference to the Election in which the contest is decided.

extras   A JSON object

A key-value store for storing arbitrary information not covered elsewhere.

id   String (up to 48)

Open Civic Data-style id in the format ``ocd-contest/{{uuid}}``.

locked_fields   Array of Text

name   String (up to 300)

Name of the contest, not necessarily as it appears on the ballot.

number_elected   Integer

Number of candidates that are elected in the contest, i.e. 'N' of N-of-M.

party_id   String (up to 53)

If the contest is among candidates of the same political party, e.g., a partisan primary election, reference to the Organization representing that party.

previous_term_unexpired   Boolean (Either True or False)

Indicates the previous public office holder vacated the post before serving a full term.

runoff_for_contest_id   String (up to 48)

If this contest is a runoff to determine the outcome of a previously undecided contest, reference to that CandidateContest.

updated_at   Date (with time)

The date and time of the last update.