Every version of each Form 460 (Campaign Disclosure Statement) filing by recipient committees.


Information about the 30 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

amend_id   Integer

Identifies the version of the Form 460 filing, with 0 representing the initial filing (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE_CD.AMEND_ID)

beginning_cash_balance   Integer

Beginning cash balance (from line 12), which is equal to the Ending Cash Balance (line 16) reported on the summary page of the previous Form 460 filing

cash_equivalents   Integer

Cash equivalents (from line 18), which includes investments that can't be readily converted to cash, such as outstanding loans the committee has made to others

cash_payments   Integer

Cash payments (from line 15)

cash_receipts   Integer

Cash receipts (from line 13)

date_filed   Date (without time)

Date this report was filed, according to the filer (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE.RPT_DATE)

election_date   Date (without time)

Date of the election in which the filer is participating (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE.ELECT_DATE)

ending_cash_balance   Integer

Ending cash balance (from line 16)

filer_firstname   String (up to %(max_length)s)

First name of the filer (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE.FILER_NAMF)

filer_id   Integer

Numeric filer identification number (from FILER_XREF.FILER_ID)

filer_lastname   String (up to %(max_length)s)


filing   Foreign Key (type determined by related field)

Unique identification number for the Form 460 filing (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE_CD.FILING_ID)

from_date   Date (without time)

The first date of the filing period covered by the statement (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE.FROM_DATE)

id   Integer

loan_guarantees_received   Integer

Loan guarantees received (from line 17)

loans_made   Integer

Loans made (from line 7, column A)

loans_received   Integer

Total loans received (from line 2, column A)

miscellaneous_cash_increases   Integer

Miscellaneous cash increases (from line 14)

monetary_contributions   Integer

Total monetary contributions (from line 1, column A)

nonmonetary_adjustment   Integer

Non-monetary adjustment (from line 10, column A), which is equal to the total of non-monetary contributions

nonmonetary_contributions   Integer

Non-monetary contributions (from line 4, column A)

outstanding_debts   Integer

Outstanding debts on loans owed by the committee (from line 19)

payments_made   Integer

Payments made (from line 6, column A)

statement_type   String (up to %(max_length)s)

Type of statement, e.g., "Quarterly", "Semi-Annual", Pre-Election (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE.STMT_TYPE)

subtotal_cash_contributions   Integer

Monetary contributions and loans received combined (from line 3, column A)

subtotal_cash_payments   Integer

Sub-total of cash payments (from line 8, column A)

thru_date   Date (without time)

The last date of the filing period covered by the statement (from CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE.THRU_DATE)

total_contributions   Integer

Total contributions (from line 5, column A)

total_expenditures_made   Integer

Total expenditures made (from line 11, column A)

unpaid_bills   Integer

Unpaid bills / accrued expenses (from line 9, column A)