Information about the 8 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

FILER_ID   Integer

Filer's unique identification number

FILING_FILE_NAME   String (up to 60)

The field is undocumented

RECEIVED_DATE   Date (without time)

Date received

FILING_DIRECTORY   String (up to 60)

This field is undocumented

FILING_ID   Integer

Unique filing identification number

FORM_ID   String (up to 7)

Form identification code

Code Definition
Form 400: Statement of Organization (Slate Mailer Organization)
Form 401: Campaign Disclosure Statement (Slate Mailer Organization)
Form 402: Statement of Termination (Slate Mailer Organization)
Form 410: Statement of Organization (Recipient Committee)
Form 425: Semi-Annual Statement of No Activity (Recipient Committee)
Form 450: Campaign Disclosure Statement, Short Form (Recipient Committee)
Form 460: Campaign Disclosure Statement (Recipient Committee)
Form 461: Campaign Disclosure Statement (Independent Expenditure Committee & Major Donor Committee)
Form 465: Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report
Form 496: Late Independent Expenditure Report
Form 497: Late Contribution Report
Form 498: Late Payment Report (Slate Mailer Organization)
Form 601: Lobbying Firm Registration Statement
Form 602: Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization
Form 603: Lobbyist Employer or Lobbying Coalition Registration Statement
Form 604: Lobbyist Certification Statement
Form 606: Notice of Termination
Form 607: Notice of Withdrawal
Form 615: Lobbyist Report
Form 625: Report of Lobbying Firm
Form 635: Report of Lobbyist Employer or Report of Lobbying Coalition
Form 645: Report of Person Spending $5,000 or More
Sources: .CAL Format Overview (4-8)

RECEIVE_COMMENT   String (up to 120)

A comment


The forms that the state uses to collect the information that populates this file.


The documents that provided the information on this page.

  • CAL-ACCESS Tables, Columns and Indexes (p. 13, 121)