Form 645

Report of Person Spending $5,000 or More


Form 645 is the quarterly disclosure document filed by a $5,000 filer (i.e. a person who does not employ a lobbyist or contract with a lobbying firm, but who makes payments to influence legislative or administrative action in aggregation of $5,000 or more in any calendar quarter). The filer does not submit a registration or termination statement, and is only required to file Form 645 in those calendar quarters which $5,000 or more is spent to influence legislative or administrative action. Form 645 must be filed electronically.


Form 645 has 5 sections.

Part 1, Legislative or State Agency Administrative Actions Actively Lobbied during the Period (p. 2)
Part 2, Payments Made this Period, Section A, Activity Expenses (p. 4)
Part 2, Payments Made this Period, Section B, Other Payments to Influence Legislative or Administrative Action (p. 4)
Part 2, Payments Made this Period, Section C, Payments in Connection with Administrative Testimony in Ratemaking Proceedings Before the California Public Utilities Commission (p. 4)
Part 3, Campaign Contributions Made (p. 4)


This form populates the following nine CAL-ACCESS files.

Name Description
EFS_FILING_LOG_CD Logs from the Electronic Filing Subsystem, which accepts and validates electronic filings.
CVR_LOBBY_DISCLOSURE_CD The cover page of lobbying-disclosure forms.
F690P2_CD Amendments to lobbying-disclosure filings.
LEXP_CD Lobbying activity expenditures.
LCCM_CD Lobbyist campaign contributions.
FILER_FILINGS_CD An index that links filers to their filings.
SMRY_CD Summary totals from filings.
TEXT_MEMO_CD Text memos attached to electronic filings.


An example of Form 645.