Amendments to lobbying-disclosure filings.

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Information about the 12 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

FILING_ID   Integer · Unique

Unique filing identification number

AMEND_ID   Integer · Unique

Amendment identification number. A number of 0 is the original filing and 1 to 999 amendments.

LINE_ITEM   Integer · Unique

Line item number of this record

REC_TYPE   String (up to 4) · Unique

Record Type Value: F690

Code Definition
F690 F690
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (58), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (72)

FORM_TYPE   String (up to 4) · Unique

Name of the source filing form or schedule

Code Definition
Form 615: Lobbyist Report
Form 625: Report of Lobbying Firm
Form 635: Report of Lobbyist Employer or Report of Lobbying Coalition
Form 645: Report of Person Spending $5,000 or More
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (58), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (72)

EXEC_DATE   Date (without time)

Date the original report (or prior amendment to the original report) was executed on.

FROM_DATE   Date (without time)

Reporting period from date of original report

THRU_DATE   Date (without time)

Report period to/through date of original.

CHG_PARTS   String (up to 100)

Amended into affects items on part(s) text description.

CHG_SECTS   String (up to 100)

Amended into affects items on sections(s) text description.

AMEND_TXT1   String (up to 330)

Description of changes to the filing


The forms that the state uses to collect the information that populates this file.


The documents that provided the information on this page.

  • CAL-ACCESS Tables, Columns and Indexes (p. 8, 59-60)

  • Map from .CAL Format to Database Table and Fields (p. 50-51)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (p. 58)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (p. 72)