Form 602

Lobbying Firm Activity Authorization


Form 602 is an authorization form filed by each person who employs or contracts with a lobbying firm. This form serves as an attachment to Form 601, and is filed by the applicable lobbying firm. Form 602 also contains a schedule which describes by category the nature and interest of the client of the firm. Like Form 601 this registration attachment is valid for the length of the state legislative session for which it is filed. Form 602 must be filed by a firm or its client, prior to attempting to influence legislative or administrative action on behalf of that client.


This form populates the following six CAL-ACCESS files.

Name Description
EFS_FILING_LOG_CD Logs from the Electronic Filing Subsystem, which accepts and validates electronic filings.
CVR_REGISTRATION_CD The cover page of lobbying-registration forms.
CVR2_REGISTRATION_CD Additional names provided on lobbying-registration forms.
FILER_FILINGS_CD An index that links filers to their filings.
TEXT_MEMO_CD Text memos attached to electronic filings.


An example of Form 602.