Form 604

Lobbyist Certification Statement


Form 604 is the certification statement filed by an individual who qualifies as a lobbyist (including an individual contract lobbyist). Form 604 is the initial certification statement and is also used as a renewal of a previous lobbyist certification. This form includes verification as to whether the lobbyist has attended a required course within the previous 12 months on ethical issues and laws relating to lobbying. When submitted as a paper filing, this form is an attachment to either the firm's Form 601 or the employer's Form 603. If the form is filed electronically, it is filed separately by the lobbyist.


This form populates the following five CAL-ACCESS files.

Name Description
EFS_FILING_LOG_CD Logs from the Electronic Filing Subsystem, which accepts and validates electronic filings.
CVR_REGISTRATION_CD The cover page of lobbying-registration forms.
FILER_FILINGS_CD An index that links filers to their filings.
TEXT_MEMO_CD Text memos attached to electronic filings.


An example of Form 604.