Form 465

Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report


Form 465 is filed by officeholders, candidates, recipient committees, major donor committees and independent expenditure committees that make independent expenditures totaling $1,000 or more in a calendar year to support or oppose a single candidate, a single measure, or the qualification of a single measure. Filed in the same periods the candidate or committee supported or opposed by the independent expenditures is required to file.


Form 465 has 6 sections.

Part 1, Committee/Filer Information (p. 2)
Part 2, Name of Candidate or Measure Supported or Opposed (p. 2)
Part 3, Independent Expenditures Made (p. 2)
Part 4, Summary (p. 4)
Part 5, Filing Officers (p. 4)
Part 6, Verification (p. 4)


This form populates the following nine CAL-ACCESS files.

Name Description
CVR_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE_CD The cover page of campaign-disclosure forms.
CVR2_CAMPAIGN_DISCLOSURE_CD Extra information from campaign-disclosure forms.
CVR3_VERIFICATION_INFO_CD Verification information from campaign-disclosure forms.
EXPN_CD Itemized campaign expenditures.
EFS_FILING_LOG_CD Logs from the Electronic Filing Subsystem, which accepts and validates electronic filings.
FILER_FILINGS_CD An index that links filers to their filings.
SMRY_CD Summary totals from filings.
TEXT_MEMO_CD Text memos attached to electronic filings.


An example of Form 465.