Verification information from campaign-disclosure forms.


Information about the 14 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

FILING_ID   Integer · Unique

Unique filing identification number

AMEND_ID   Integer · Unique

Amendment identification number. A number of 0 is the original filing and 1 to 999 amendments.

LINE_ITEM   Integer · Unique

Line item number of this record

REC_TYPE   String (up to 4) · Unique

Record Type Value: CVR3

Code Definition
CVR3 Cover Page 3, Verification Information
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (25, 50), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (34, 64)

FORM_TYPE   String (up to 4) · Unique

Name of the source filing form or schedule

Code Definition
F400 Form 400 (Statement of Organization (Slate Mailer Organization)): Part 5, Verification
F401 Form 401 (Campaign Disclosure Statement (Slate Mailer Organization)): Cover Page
F402 Form 402 (Statement of Termination (Slate Mailer Organization)): Verification
F410 Form 410 (Statement of Organization (Recipient Committee)): Part 3, Verification
F425 Form 425 (Semi-Annual Statement of No Activity (Recipient Committee)): Part 3, Verification
F450 Form 450 (Campaign Disclosure Statement, Short Form (Recipient Committee)): Part 4, Verification
F460 Form 460 (Campaign Disclosure Statement (Recipient Committee)): Cover Page, Part 1
F461 Form 461 (Campaign Disclosure Statement (Independent Expenditure Committee & Major Donor Committee)): Part 4, Verification
F465 Form 465 (Supplemental Independent Expenditure Report): Part 6, Verification
F511 Form 511: Paid Spokesperson Report
F900 Form 900: Campaign Disclosure Statement (Public employee retirement board candidate)
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (50), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (64)

TRAN_ID   String (up to 20)

Permanent value unique to this item

ENTITY_CD   String (up to 3)

Entity Code

Code Definition
ATR Assistant treasurer
CAO Candidate/officeholder
TRE Treasurer
OFF Officer
PRO Proponent
SPO Sponsor
atr Treasurer
tre Assistant treasurer
cao Candidate/officeholder
MDI Major Donor/Ind Expenditure
POF Principal officer
RCP Recipient committee
COA Candidate/officeholder
0 Unknown
BBB Unknown
CON Unknown
MAI Unknown
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (9, 25), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (11, 34)

SIG_DATE   Date (without time)

Date when signed

SIG_LOC   String (up to 39)

City and state where signed

SIG_NAML   String (up to 500)

Last name of the signer

SIG_NAMF   String (up to 45)

First name of the signer

SIG_NAMT   String (up to 10)

Title of the signer

SIG_NAMS   String (up to 8)

Suffix of the signer


The forms that the state uses to collect the information that populates this file.


The documents that provided the information on this page.

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (p. 25, 50)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (p. 34, 64)

  • Map from .CAL Format to Database Table and Fields (p. 41-42)

  • CAL-ACCESS Tables, Columns and Indexes (p. 46-47)