Itemized campaign debts.

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The most recent release from CAL-ACCESS, the database that tracks campaign finance and lobbying activity in California politics. It contains 545,970 rows of data published on Thursday, May 14, 2020*.

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A few sample rows.


Information about the 34 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

AMEND_ID   Integer · Unique

Amendment identification number. A number of 0 is the original filing and 1 to 999 amendments.

AMT_INCUR   Decimal number

Amount incurred this period

AMT_PAID   Decimal number

Amount paid this period.

BAKREF_TID   String (up to 20)

Back reference to a transaction identifier of a parent record.

BEG_BAL   Decimal number

Outstanding balance at beginning of period

CMTE_ID   String (up to 9)

Committee identification number

END_BAL   Decimal number

Outstanding balance at close of this period

ENTITY_CD   String (up to 3)

Entity code describing the payee

Code Definition
BNM Ballot measure's name/title
COM Committee
IND Individual
OTH Other
PTY Political Party
RCP Recipient committee
SCC Small Contributor Committee
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (8-9, 33), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (9-11, 45)

EXPN_CODE   String (up to 3)

Expense Code

Code Definition
CMP campaign paraphernalia/miscellaneous
CNS campaign consultants
CTB contribution (if nonmonetary, explain)*
CVC civic donations
FIL candidate filing/ballot feeds
FND fundraising events
IKD In-kind contribution (nonmonetary)
IND independent expenditure supporting/opposing others (explain)*
LEG legal defense
LIT campaign literature and mailings
LON loan
MBR member communications
MON monetary contribution
MTG meetings and appearances
OFC office expenses
PET petition circulating
PHO phone banks
POL polling and survey research
POS postage, delivery and messenger services
PRO professional services (legal, accounting)
PRT print ads
RAD radio airtime and production costs
RFD returned contributions
SAL campaign workers salaries
TEL T.V. or cable airtime and production costs
TRC candidate travel, lodging and meals (explain)
TRS staff/spouse travel, lodging and meals (explain)
TSF transfer between committees of the same candidate/sponsor
VOT voter registration
WEB information technology costs (internet, e-mail)
Fnd fundraising events
ofc office expenses
'CN campaign consultants
* Unknown
AIR Unknown
BUS Unknown
C Unknown
CAM Unknown
CC Unknown
COM Unknown
CON Unknown
CSN Unknown
DEP Unknown
EVE Unknown
F Unknown
FED Unknown
fns Unknown
G Unknown
GGG Unknown
HOT Unknown
L Unknown
LDF Unknown
MEE Unknown
N Unknown
O Unknown
OTH Unknown
P Unknown
PEN Unknown
S Unknown
SPE Unknown
STA Unknown
T Unknown
TAX Unknown
TRA Unknown
V Unknown
X Unknown
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (11), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (13-14)

EXPN_DSCR   String (up to 400)

Purpose of expense and/or description/explanation

FILING_ID   Integer · Unique

Unique filing identification number of the parent filing

FORM_TYPE   String (up to 1) · Unique

Schedule Name/ID: (F - Sched F / Accrued Expenses)

Code Definition
F Form 460 (Campaign Disclosure Statement (Recipient Committee)): Schedule F, Accrued Expenses (Unpaid Bills)
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (33), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (45)

LINE_ITEM   Integer · Unique

Record line item number

MEMO_CODE   String (up to 1)

Memo amount flag

MEMO_REFNO   String (up to 20)

Reference to text contained in a TEXT record.

PAYEE_CITY   String (up to 30)

First line of the payee's street address

PAYEE_NAMF   String (up to 45)

Payee's first name if the payee is an individual

PAYEE_NAML   String (up to 200)

Payee's business name or last name if the payee is an individual.

PAYEE_NAMS   String (up to 10)

Payee's name suffix if the payee is an individual

PAYEE_NAMT   String (up to 100)

Payee's prefix or title if the payee is an individual

PAYEE_ST   String (up to 2)

Payee's state

PAYEE_ZIP4   String (up to 10)

Payee's ZIP Code

REC_TYPE   String (up to 4) · Unique

Record type value: DEBT

Code Definition
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (33-34), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (45-46)

TRAN_ID   String (up to 20)

Transaction identifier - permanent value unique to this item

TRES_CITY   String (up to 30)

City portion of the treasurer or responsible officer's street address

TRES_NAMF   String (up to 45)

Treasurer or responsible officer's first name

TRES_NAML   String (up to 200)

Treasurer or responsible officer's last name

TRES_NAMS   String (up to 10)

Treasurer or responsible officer's suffix

TRES_NAMT   String (up to 100)

Treasurer or responsible officer's prefix or title

TRES_ST   String (up to 2)

State portion of the treasurer or responsible officer's address

TRES_ZIP4   String (up to 10)

ZIP Code portion of the treasurer or responsible officer's address

XREF_MATCH   String (up to 1)

Related item on other schedule has same transaction identifier. /"X/" indicates this condition is true

XREF_SCHNM   String (up to 2)

Related record is included on Schedule C.


The forms that the state uses to collect the information that populates this file.

Form 460: Campaign Disclosure Statement (Recipient Committee)

Schedule F, Accrued Expenses (Unpaid Bills)


The raw data provided by the state contains errors in how some values are escaped, quoted and delimited. The result is a small number of records in the latest download were lost when we prepared files for download.

However, only 18 records out of 545,988 total rows were lost (you can download them here).


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The documents that provided the information on this page.

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (p. 33-34)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (p. 45-46)

  • CAL-ACCESS Tables, Columns and Indexes (p. 47-49)

  • Map from .CAL Format to Database Table and Fields (p. 49-48)