Campaign contributions made or received in the 90 days before an election.

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The most recent release from CAL-ACCESS, the database that tracks campaign finance and lobbying activity in California politics. It contains 1.0 million rows of data published on Thursday, May 14, 2020*.

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A few sample rows.


Information about the 42 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

FILING_ID   Integer · Unique

Unique filing identification number

AMEND_ID   Integer · Unique

Amendment identification number. A number of 0 is the original filing and 1 to 999 amendments.

LINE_ITEM   Integer · Unique

Line item number of this record

REC_TYPE   String (up to 4) · Unique

Record Type Value: S497

Code Definition
S497 S497
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (41), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (54)

FORM_TYPE   String (up to 6) · Unique

Name of the source filing form or schedule

Code Definition
F497P1 Form 497 (Late Contribution Report): Part 1, Contributions Received
F497P2 Form 497 (Late Contribution Report): Part 2, Contributions Made
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (41), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (54)

TRAN_ID   String (up to 20)

Permanent value unique to this item

ENTITY_CD   String (up to 3)

Entity Code describing the Contributor/Recipient

Code Definition
BNM Ballot measure's name/title
CAO Candidate/officeholder
CTL Controlled committee
COM Committee
com Committee
IND Individual
OFF Officer
OTH Other
PTY Political Party
RCP Recipient committee
SCC Small Contributor Committee
0 Unknown
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (8-9, 41), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (9-11, 54)

ENTY_NAML   String (up to 200)

Last name of Contributor/Recipient

ENTY_NAMF   String (up to 45)

First name of Contributor/Recipient

ENTY_NAMT   String (up to 10)

Name title or prefix of Contributor/Recipient

ENTY_NAMS   String (up to 10)

Name suffix of Contributor/Recipient

ENTY_CITY   String (up to 30)

City address of Contributor/Recipient

ENTY_ST   String (up to 2)

State address of Contributor/Recipient

ENTY_ZIP4   String (up to 10)

ZIP Code of Contributor/Recipient

CTRIB_EMP   String (up to 200)

Employer of Contributor (populated for some Recipients as well)

CTRIB_OCC   String (up to 60)

Occupation of Contributor (populated for some Recipients as well)

CTRIB_SELF   String (up to 1)

Contributor self-employed checkbox. "X" indicates the contributor is self-employed.

ELEC_DATE   Date (without time)

Date of election

CTRIB_DATE   Date (without time)

Date item received/made

DATE_THRU   Date (without time)

End of date range for items received

AMOUNT   Decimal number

Amount received/made

CMTE_ID   String (up to 9)

Committee identification number

CAND_NAML   String (up to 200)

Candidate/officeholder's last name

CAND_NAMF   String (up to 45)

Candidate/officeholder's first name

CAND_NAMT   String (up to 10)

Candidate/officeholder's title or prefix

CAND_NAMS   String (up to 10)

Candidate/officeholder's suffix

OFFICE_CD   String (up to 3)

Identifies the office being sought

Code Definition
APP State Appellate Court Justice
ASM State Assembly Person
ASR Assessor
ATT Attorney General
BED Board of Education
BOE Board of Equalization Member
BSU Board of Supervisors
CAT City Attorney
CCB Community College Board
CCM City Council Member
CON State Controller
COU County Counsel
CSU County Supervisor
CTR Local Controller
DAT District Attorney
GOV Governor
INS Insurance Commissioner
LTG Lieutenant Governor
MAY Mayor
OTH Other
PDR Public Defender
PER Public Employees Retirement System
PLN Planning Commissioner
SCJ Superior Court Judge
SEN State Senator
SHC Sheriff-Coroner
SOS Secretary of State
SPM Supreme Court Justice
SUP Superintendent of Public Instruction
TRE State Treasurer
TRS Local Treasurer
asm State Assembly Person
sen State Senator
Asm State Assembly Person
May Mayor
ASm State Assembly Person
oth Other
csu County Supervisor
Oth Other
H Unknown
S Unknown
OF Unknown
HOU Unknown
LOC Unknown
LEG Unknown
STW Unknown
P Unknown
LTV Unknown
LT Unknown
CTY Unknown
OFF Unknown
REP Unknown
COM Unknown
N/A Unknown
Sources: .CAL Version 2.01 Errata (2), .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (10), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (12)

OFFIC_DSCR   String (up to 40)

Office sought description

JURIS_CD   String (up to 3)

Jurisdiction code describing the office being sought

Code Definition
ASM Assembly District
BOE Board of Equalization District
CIT City
CTY County
LOC Local
OTH Other
SEN Senate District
STW Statewide
asm Assembly District
sen Senate District
cit City
GOV Statewide
MAY City
BSU County
CSU County
SUP Statewide
BED Other
CCB Other
CCM Other
CLB Other
IRV City
Fon City
JRS Statewide
CO County
Riv County
SNE Senate District
83 Statewide
PER Unknown
FED Unknown
CA Unknown
JR Unknown
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (42), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (55)

JURIS_DSCR   String (up to 40)

Office jurisdiction description

DIST_NO   String (up to 3)

District number for the office being sought. Populated for Senate, Assembly, or Board of Equalization races.

OFF_S_H_CD   String (up to 1)

Office is sought or held code

Code Definition
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (42), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (55)

BAL_NAME   String (up to 200)

Ballot measure name

BAL_NUM   String (up to 7)

Ballot measure number

BAL_JURIS   String (up to 40)

Ballot measure jurisdiction

MEMO_CODE   String (up to 1)

Memo amount flag

MEMO_REFNO   String (up to 20)

Reference to text contained in TEXT code

BAL_ID   String (up to 9)

This field is undocumented

CAND_ID   String (up to 9)

This field is undocumented

SUP_OFF_CD   String (up to 1)

This field is undocumented

SUP_OPP_CD   String (up to 1)

Support or opposition code

Code Definition
Sources: Map from .CAL Format to Database Table and Fields (82)


The forms that the state uses to collect the information that populates this file.

Form 497: Late Contribution Report

Part 1, Contributions Received

Part 2, Contributions Made


The raw data provided by the state contains errors in how some values are escaped, quoted and delimited. The result is a small number of records in the latest download were lost when we prepared files for download.

However, only 19 records out of 1,004,394 total rows were lost (you can download them here).


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The documents that provided the information on this page.

  • CAL-ACCESS Tables, Columns and Indexes (p. 12, 125-127)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (p. 41-42)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (p. 54-55)

  • Map from .CAL Format to Database Table and Fields (p. 80-82)