Lobbyist employers and subcontracted clients.

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The most recent release from CAL-ACCESS, the database that tracks campaign finance and lobbying activity in California politics. It contains 405,233 rows of data published on Thursday, May 14, 2020*.

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A few sample rows.


Information about the 25 fields and the definitions of any abbreviated values.

AGENCYLIST   String (up to 200)

Agencies to be lobbied

AMEND_ID   Integer · Unique

Amendment identification number. A number of 0 is the original filing and 1 to 999 amendments.

CLI_CITY   String (up to 30)

Employing client city

CLI_NAMF   String (up to 45)

Employing client first name

CLI_NAML   String (up to 200)

Employing client last name

CLI_NAMS   String (up to 10)

Employing client suffix

CLI_NAMT   String (up to 10)

Employing client prefix or title

CLI_PHON   String (up to 20)

Employing client phone number

CLI_ST   String (up to 2)

Employing client state

CLI_ZIP4   String (up to 10)

Employing client ZIP Code

CLIENT_ID   String (up to 9)

Identification number of the Part 2A employer or Part 2B Client/Employer

CON_PERIOD   String (up to 30)

Period of the contract

DESCRIP   String (up to 100)

Description of employer/client lobbying interest

EFF_DATE   Date (without time)

Effective Date of Lobbying Contract

FILING_ID   Integer · Unique

Unique filing identification number

FORM_TYPE   String (up to 7) · Unique

Name of the source filing form or schedule

Code Definition
F601P2A Form 601 (Lobbying Firm Registration Statement): Part 2, Section A, Lobbyist Employers
F601P2B Form 601 (Lobbying Firm Registration Statement): Part 2, Section B, Subcontracted Clients
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (75), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (90)

LINE_ITEM   Integer · Unique

Line item number of this record

REC_TYPE   String (up to 4) · Unique

Record Type Value: LEMP

Code Definition
Sources: .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (75), .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (90)

SUB_CITY   String (up to 30)

Subcontracting lobbying firm city

SUB_NAME   String (up to 200)

Subcontracting lobbying firms name

SUB_PHON   String (up to 20)

Subcontracting lobbying firm phone number

SUB_ST   String (up to 2)

Subcontracting lobbying firm state

SUB_ZIP4   String (up to 10)

Subcontracting lobbying firm ZIP Code

SUBFIRM_ID   String (up to 9)

Identification number of subcontracting lobbying firm


The forms that the state uses to collect the information that populates this file.

Form 601: Lobbying Firm Registration Statement

Part 2, Section A, Lobbyist Employers

Part 2, Section B, Subcontracted Clients


The raw data provided by the state contains errors in how some values are escaped, quoted and delimited. The result is a small number of records in the latest download were lost when we prepared files for download.

However, only 175 records out of 405,408 total rows were lost (you can download them here).


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The documents that provided the information on this page.

  • CAL-ACCESS Tables, Columns and Indexes (p. 10, 85-86)

  • Map from .CAL Format to Database Table and Fields (p. 56-57)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 1.05.02) (p. 75)

  • .CAL Format Layout (Version 2.01) (p. 90-91)