Archived California campaign finance data

Our archived release of the state database tracking money in politics. Processed Friday, July 9, 2021 at 9:07 a.m. Latest release » 

Getting started

The best place for beginners. Simple, standalone files refined from the state's data. Ready for instant investigation with Excel, Python and other analysis tools.

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Every candidate for a public office

Ballot measures

Every ballot measure

Recall measures

Every recall measure

Committees coming soon

Every campaign committee

Filings coming soon

Every campaign filing

Contributions coming soon

Every campaign contribution

Expenditures coming soon

Every campaign expenditure

Advanced usage

For database junkies. The data above in relational format. Ready to import into PostgreSQL, MySQL and other database software. Learn more »

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Alternatively, retrieve with curl.

Raw files

For CAL-ACCESS experts. The 76 jumbled, dirty and difficult tables released by the state cleaned and converted into rows. Use with caution. Learn more »

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The raw tables released by the state contain errors in how values are escaped, quoted and delimited. The result is a small number of records lost when we prepare files for download. However, those lost records represent only 0.00443% of the source data.